Warmly welcome in my virtual portoflio.

I create advenced architectural visualizations of interiors, exteriors and photomontages in the context of environment.

I deal with 3d graphics and visualizations over 15 years. I was starting in 90’s when this field was just emerging.
Then I discovered the first dedicated 3d software and it’s possibilities.

During this time I have learned solutions which enabled creating complicated 3d models and 3d scenes in efficient way.

My professional education (Art Faculty – UMCS Lublin), passion for photography, many years of practice in the advertising industry, design and prepress knowledge make me able to create high-quality illustrations.

Taking care of every detail of the illustrations and their photorealism in accordance with the standards make the works suitable for any digital presentations, photographic or large format printing.

I combine many techniques, styles and fields of art in my visualizations.

Those who trusted my experience and skills know that nothing is impossible for me.

Kindly invite you to cooperate.

Michal Wozniak